Guide to knowing yourself

One day I looked in her eyes and said, “I Love YOU”
She told me I love what I see … not  her
To truly love her means I NEED to KNOW her…all of her
But I do know….then my voice trailed off…lacking conviction

Was she right? We have always been together
We do everything together, how could I not know her? As I asked these questions the truth was apparent
I knew facets of her but not HER

Losing her was not an option, I had work to do
We took walks among the trees and sat by the stream
I listened as she told me of her appreciation for meditation, drumming and incense Astro-theology, live foods, energy healing and herbology

She reminded me of childhood trauma she endured
And how they have formed energetic patterns which now Influence her actions and thought patterns and sometimes Manifest as anger, fear, doubt, distrust

We conversed for a few years. As I got to KNOW her
I found complexities and simplicity, a fierce Lioness and a gentle cub
I helped her to forgive and to live from her centre, her Divinity
She now worships her Creator as she is Led to from within, not told to from the outside

Today when I say “I Love YOU”, she says I know you do
You took time to Know me, help me heal and Honour who I AM
You journeyed into the darkness without judgement, only understanding And found the treasure of a lifetime




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