” we must initiate our daughters and our own girl selves into the many practices that enhance the strength of the womb. In turn, wombs that are strong and powerful will become a sanctuary for the fertilized ovum.

In this way we break the chains of generational womb problems, ie., menstrual cramps, fibroids, infertility….”  – Nonkululeko Tyehemba


About the workshop

Created specifically for our daughters. Small circles of no more than 13 women and girls (one on one sessions are available).

Join us virtually or in-person workshops as we talk freely and safely about womb matters, including:

  • menstruation,
  • practices which help to enhance womb strength,
  • how to calculate your menstrual cycle,
  • remedies for irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, painful periods, depressed mood…. and much more. 

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