Designing Your Path

Designing Your Path, naturally supporting you through your postpartum journey and beyond.

Postpartum journeys are different for each mom and in fact can also be different for the same mom. As different as our journeys are all moms need to feel secure, nurtured and cared for as you move through the postpartum experience at your own pace.

Unresolved trauma is passed on through the womb and contributes to blockages in different areas of our lives and as such a large part of our work is focused on conscious creation through womb wellness. We rely heavily on the plant kingdom and mind wellness techniques in supporting our women.

We are committed to generational healing…one daughter at a time.


Our Motivation

The main reason I trained and certified as a Postpartum Doula, Herbal Medicine Practitioner, and Transformational Coach; is to support women through this critically important journey of postpartum and beyond…to give you what I needed and did not have. Together we birth change.

Why focus on Women?

Women carry and nurture children who become men and women seeding future generations. This means then that the health and wellness of societies is a reflection of our nurturers and caregivers…our women.

By focusing on women we are focusing on ALL.

“My Clients – women who are ready
to embrace their vulnerability and intuition as they remember how to use the wisdom of herbs and mind wellness techniques to heal themselves naturally.

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