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I am a student of the plant kingdom, of Earth Mother herself, and mother to two amazing boys.

 I believe that the strength, success, and wholeness of any society is dependent on the health, wholeness, and wellness of the woman. The womb is one thing both males and females have in common…this was home for us and will continue to be so for all generations to come. For this reason, I have dedicated my life to teaching and supporting women and girls as they remember the importance of sisterhood and how to nurture and heal themselves.

Her Motivation

The main reason I trained and certified as a Postpartum Doula, Herbal Medicine Practitioner, and Transformational Coach; is to support women through this critically important journey of postpartum and beyond…to give you what I needed and did not have. Together we birth change.


Postpartum Doula, Transformational Life Coach, Herbal Medicine, Health Information CHIM, Criminal Psychology and Behaviour.

“My Clients – women are ready
to embrace their vulnerability and intuition as they remember how to use the wisdom of herbs and mind wellness techniques to heal themselves naturally.

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