What is beneath your Beautiful?

This house is not my home if I can’t be me Home is where my heart is
That place where I feel free

I have to hide myself because I’m scared
You may not like what you see
I hear you say you “love me”, but I know its the idea Of who you think I am and want me to be.

But I’m the one who truly loves you And that’s why I AM KILLING ME, So you can be happy
With who YOU WANT me to be.

Today I will test your love and show you
I will remove my covers, open these doors, bare my soul
Because I guarantee the idea you are in love with, really hates ME


I realized I love ME more
And the one you love has died.


Have you ever felt that the YOU presented to the world is NOT the true you? Can you honestly say that you are living and showing up as who YOU truly are? Isn’t it exhausting and soul numbing to continue making others happy while suppressing YOU?

The poem above aptly titled Gemini written by Charles Anthony sadly resonates with many women. Smart, beautiful, strong, women from varying social echelons. Some are successful in their careers and appear to have it all together, entrepreneurs, others in roles as the supportive and resourceful mother and or partner. Yet these beautiful women are dying inside.

Gemini is latin for twins. The ancient texts usually use twins to represent duality…day and night, good and evil, masculine and feminine.
What’s your duality? Who are you hiding?

If this resonates with you let’s have a conversation. If it doesn’t, please share it with someone else as you never know who is dying beneath her beautiful, dying beneath her perfect.



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