How to Bloom where you are Planted

There once was a little girl going her merry way with her mom for a walk. As she skipped happily along the way she took the time to stop and examine the plants by the wayside. It so happened that she came upon a particular plant she was unfamiliar with. As she got closer it seemed to spell its name. “Its serpentine mom!”, she excitedly called out. 

She was determined to find out if there actually was a plant with that name. What she found was this:

  • there is serpentine soil
  • plants do grow in serpentine soil.

Serpentine soil is generally deficient in the nutrients essential to sustain plant life and as such are usually barren and infertile.

According to ScienceDaily 27 June 2016, “scientists have analyzed the genomes of plants that grow in harsh, serpentine soils to find out how they survive . It appears that they have used two strategies:

adapting to their environment through natural selection, 

as well as by borrowing useful variants from a related plant growing nearby”.

How can you thrive in “serpentine soil”?

As always what happens in the plant kingdom is replicated in human interactions.

So what does “serpentine plants” teach us?

At some point in our lives we find ourselves in inhospitable environments and we are left wondering how to successfully navigate these terrains. We do this by:

  • tapping deep within ourselves and bringing forth the abilities we previously thought we didn’t have that are needed to not just survive but thrive in our present,
  • and identify the useful qualities in those around us which when cultivated brings about success, and work to cultivate them within ourselves.

The Activation Blueprint 5 Key Elements to Re-Member You is designed to support you in your journey to:

  • retrieve the pieces of yourself left behind,
  • reconnect them to your present,
  • remember who you are and that you are built to flourish in serpentine soils.

I extend an invitation to a private consultation with me to see where you are and how best I can serve you.

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  1. Maxine
    August 10, 2020

    Interesting reading indeed.

    1. designingyp
      December 9, 2020

      Thanks Maxine

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