’Tis the Season For?????

In a few days Christmas will be celebrated not only by ones who observe it as a religious holiday but also by non-christians for various reasons. Still, there are others who neither observe nor celebrate the 25th of December as a special day. The decorations, Christmas songs, lights, increased activity at the malls, office parties, and the list goes on; the signs of Christmas are everywhere.
With these signs come the expectation to be joyful. Whether one authentically feels this way or not, the expectation is there. But what IF…….

What if you or a loved one is dealing with a diagnosis? What if you are experiencing the effects of losing a loved one in death, the loss of a relationship or a job? What if you are just SAD without being able to pinpoint the cause? How does one reconcile these real feelings with the expectation to be joyful? How do you honour and CARE for SELF amidst this duality ?

A central part of SELF-CARE is Training the Mind. Here is one tool to use in successfully training the mind. The Power of Decision. Decide comes from the latin word which literally means “to cut off”. This sounds a bit drastic but it is absolutely necessary. To successfully care for SELF you must cut yourself off from ALL that is not in alignment with the the results you would love. This may mean cutting away from:
People who expect you to just “go along with the crowd”
Media with messages designed to define “normal” at this time of year
Activities or gatherings where “acceptable behaviour” dictates that you ignore your true feelings.

Once you cut off or get rid of that which does not serve you, the void created must be filled with what you DO want. Transmutation not Denial is what serves you. Therefore,
Surround yourself with people who are understanding and respectful of YOUR journey while supporting you as you process, work through your feelings, and arrive at solutions
Carve out some “ME” time to Refresh and Refocus
Engage in activities that you love, activities what feed YOUR SOUL.

Remember that caring for your authentic self…MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT will ensure that you are sharing your best self with others.

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  1. Christmas for some can be very joyful, perhaps even more special than birthdays . One is curious to know what actually makes it a joyful time. Perhaps it’s just the change of mood in the environment and mood all around. Not many can pin point what the ‘fuss’ is about even when they too are fussing.
    However, as you mentioned, for several people it is one of the most depressing times. In fact, Even since this week I have had to be doing my second year of motivating a friend who battles with ‘Christmas’. He lost a best friend a few years ago. This year it is complicated with not having his mom around anymore. His desire is for the season to come and go.
    I am forced to re-read the ‘Do’s’ section. It is so applicable, not just for this season. The question is, how many of us get to the point in our lives to put into action what can make us heal and move on with a purpose in mind? How does
    one come to a place of self determination to place more value on self care? I sure could use a few tips on that!

    Another thought provoking read. Some people’s Christmas is weekly, monthly, and for the more driven ones- daily. Does this even mean it is a state of mind?

    What I do know is it should be a season for deep reflection, especially as this very seemingly short 2017 draws to an end.
    As I reflect I think of: What made me smile, cry, sad, miserable, angry, bitter? What could I control that I didn’t? Who controls how I react?

    Love and light!

    1. Post

      Thanks for your well thought out response Racquel. Your friend who “battles” with Christmas is blessed to have you in his life. You are a perfect example of the first “DO” I listed in the piece. Whilst you are experiencing the joys of Christmas you are supporting your friend through his process. You care enough to not allow him to wallow in self-pity but no doubt you are doing this respectfully by not suggesting that he denies or ignores the loss he is more aware of at this time of year. Confronting our issues is necessary if we are to successfully deal with them. I am rather fond of this quote by the psychologist Carl Jung, “depression is like a woman in black. If she turn up, don’t shoo her away. Invite her in, treat her like a guest, and listen to what she has to say”.

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