The Choice Is Yours

Recently while mediating a disagreement of sorts between my children one said in his defence; “he said…….and made me feel…so I did….”.
Those words created the perfect opportunity for some mother wit (mommy wisdom); which I promptly dispensed. After the situation was defused and all was right with their world again I did some introspection.
Have I been guilty of doing the same thing…giving someone else the authority and permission to MAKE ME FEEL a particular way?
It was Eleanor Roosevelt who said “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. So I ask you this question; have you consented to letting someone else decide how you should feel and therefore act? Let us face it, we do act based on how we feel.
It therefore follows that if we blaming others for our feelings then we are also blaming them for our actions. I say blame because we are less likely to give credit to outside sources when we have achieved some measure of success.

Empowering Questions
The quality of our lives is largely defined by the quality of our questions. Therefore rather than asking why is he/she so unkind, belligerent, difficult,…… and the list goes on; try asking an empowering question. An example of an empowering question when dealing with “difficult” personalities could be:
How can I use this situation as a tool for my evolution/growth? Do I need to work on cultivating my inner power so that I am equipped to handle any situation, circumstance, or personality I may face?

One of the universal laws (law of relativity) states in part that “Each person will receive tests of initiations as series of problems. The purpose of which is to strengthen the light within…the challenge is to face these difficulties while remaining connected to our hearts”.

The oyster, in an attempt to protect itself from parasites/irritants; produces a substance which ultimately transforms that which has gotten underneath it’s “skin”/shell into a precious pearl.

We have the power to choose if each situation we face will be an obstacle resulting in our stagnation or setback, or if it will be perceived by us as training and an opportunity for growth. The Choice is YOURS.
As always, for those interested in growth, I invite you to take the bold step of filling out the contact form for a complimentary discovery session where you will get clearer about where you would love to be and how to get there.

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