Adaptogenic herbs increases the body’s ability to cope with and respond to stress. They pretty much relaxes tension and replenishes vital energy when taken over time. One well known adaptogenic herb is Siberian Ginseng. Ginseng increases: stamina, reflexes, and concentration without the side effects associated with stimulant drugs.

Ginseng also improves the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrate and helps to balance blood sugar swings; this is especially good news as the general diet today is one laden with sugar and processed food which contributes to mood swings and feelings of low energy.
Studies reported by the American Botanical Council show that while ginseng does NOT directly kill cancer cells, it boosts the body’s immune response, inhibits tumor growth, and retards migration of cancer cells.

Mind, body, and spirit; all three (the total SELF) benefit from this amazing adaptogenic herb.

Treat yourself to a cup of Ginseng tea today (it’s available at health food stores and in the natural foods aisle in most supermarkets.

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