I Dare You

“…..so I called the moon from across the sky
She rushed within my reach….silently inviting me to touch her I smiled at her beauty but didn’t extend my hand
I felt fear…fear that I could get burned
I called her closer yet. Once again she complied.
The child at my side gleefully encouraged me with the words, “Touch her, touch her”. I still couldn’t…”

We have often heard the phrase “I will give you the moon”…..sometimes followed by “all you have to do is ask”. What is problematic about that phrase is you (or I) having to ask someone or depend on someone for that which we can get ourselves.
Within the above excerpt I have found beautiful and powerful gems. Have you? We all have the power to figuratively “call the moon to us”.
Notice that the moon wasn’t called down, the moon came across the sky; implying that the speaker was parallel to the moon.

Is FEAR preventing you from achieving your next level of greatness?

This applies wherever you are in life…whatever YOUR reality is. You could be employed and have desired a promotion and done the work necessary yet when the job becomes available you are afraid to apply for it. Or are you holding on to a job when you would love nothing more to be self employed? Have you desired and worked hard to create your own path and now that it is within reach you are afraid to take hold of it?

What’s holding you back? What are you afraid of?
Trust that you have within YOU all that is required to achieve YOUR definition of greatness.

Reach out and touch the moon. I DARE YOU 🙂

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  1. This fear.. ..
    Lovely bit of reading to set the pace for self reflection and what my “real” or imagined fear is of just doing things. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Thought provoking. So
    Many of us live this reality. The fear of the unknown; the fear of taking risks- of failing!

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      That’s so true Racquel. The sad thing about feeding this “fear of the unknown” is the fact that we are starving and saying no to that part of us that would love to grow.

  3. Your blogs are so insightful. It is without a doubt a fact that fear prevents us from being our best us. It is however up to us to strive to overcome all that prevents us from moving forward to greatness. I am slowly but surely learning to do just that. Please continue.

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      Thanks Michere. There is beauty in recognizing what is keeping us from being our greatest. Continuing to grow along YOUR path and relying on your inner power will ensure that you “embrace the moon”.

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