Once in a Blue Moon

I am fascinated by the moon…full, waning crescent, new, all phases. I am intrigued by the way the ocean and lifeforms in it are affected by the atmospheric conditions created by the different phases of the moon. Depending on which scientist you speak to, you will be told that humans are made up of upwards of 60% water. Based on this analysis, it is logical to conclude that humans are also affected by these changes in the atmosphere. Included in the English language are phrases like:

  • over the moon – delighted
  • once in a blue moon – rarely
  • I will give you the moon – nothing is too much to give you.

Let us spend a few minutes talking about “blue moon”. Not the additional full moon which appears in a particular subdivision of a year: but when the moon actually appears blue in colour.
This is an extremely rare occurrence and can happen whether the moon is full or not. What causes this phenomena? Dust or smoke. The dust or smoke particles in the atmosphere must be of a particular size for the moon to appear blue. Situations enabling this perfect condition to exist in the atmosphere include a volcanic eruption, a severe wind storm, and a forest fire.

One thing is certain; for the moon to appear this beautiful and blue in colour there must be disruption.
Are you willing to be uncomfortable in the interest of YOUR growth and beauty?
What are you willing to do so you can show your beautiful light? Remember the “perfect” condition has nothing to do with what human’s define as perfect. Disruption must occur. What are you willing to “shake up”? Are you ready for change?
It’s natural to feel excited and even more natural to feel scared at the prospect of disrupting your status quo.

I am here to support and encourage you through YOUR growth process; as well as to equip you with the tools necessary to sustain your continued evolution.
I look forward to connecting with you 🙂

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