About Curline

Curline is a; certified Transformational Life Coach, Teacher, Health Information Management Professional CHIM, and Postpartum Doula. She is also a Medical Transcriptionist with a certificate in Criminal Psychology and Behaviour. Curline is  currently a student of Herbal and Energy Medicine. She is happiest in nature and believes in the body’s ability to heal itself through the use of herbs and mind-wellness training.

She began questioning her authenticity after the birth of her second child as she realized that she was still living according to the dictates of society and loved ones. She had been studying transformational success principles for close to 20 years, yet there was a disconnect. SELF- analysis led her to the realization that sustained transformation begins from within, as this is what ultimately effects the change she desired in her outer world.

It is out of this discontent that Designing YOUR Path Inc. was born. Since then Curline has been consciously inspiring and empowering all those who are drawn to her to design and live their highest vision in the context of freedom and authenticity. Success for her is having the privilege of working with people as they transform their lives and close the gap between where they are now and where they desire to be.

Curline’s coaching programs are designed with YOU in mind. She knows that we are individuals wth different definitions of success. She is dedicated to supporting YOU as you re-discover and Design YOUR own Path.


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